Trying to pack on muscle mass can be a challenge for many men out there. Especially when doing so naturally. However, there are several natural ways men can put on muscle. For skinny guys and those who want to tone their bodies, this guide is essential. Check out these great natural ways to put on muscle.

Rotate Muscle Groups – As you work your muscles, they will need time to repair and heal. That is why it is recommended that you alternate working out different muscle groups. At the same time, your body will begin building new muscles simultaneously, in different areas.

Stack Up On Protein – Eating foods that are rich in protein is a great way to put on muscle mass. You may want to count the amount of calories you been taking each day. Once you do so, add about an extra 500 to that daily count. Look for protein rich foods and supplements.

Do Some Stretching – Stretching has numerous benefits for your body and health. That includes helping you gain muscles. Stretching will allow you to move more fluidly. You will also increase blood flow and prevent injuries to your body. And you can recover from workouts a lot faster.

Eat More Often – Some people only eat about 3 meals a day. However, it is more beneficial to eat at least 6 smaller meals a day. This is even more important for those trying to gain weight. Keep the carbs and protein to your body coming. The metabolism boost to lose fat will come from the calories you use to build muscle.

Drink Lots Of Water – Yes, drinking plenty of water is crucial if you want to build muscles. The problem is too many people ignore this and don’t drink enough. Typically, we should drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water each day. But if you work out, that number should be higher.

Try Different Routines – If you are doing the same workouts each week, it is time for a change. You should try a different routine at least every 3 to 6 weeks. Change the number of reps, training and other variables. Keeping a record may help you in the long run as well.

Do Strength Training – There are no easy shortcuts for building muscles naturally. The best way to get results is by doing strength training. Try doing squats, lunges and other workouts such as cardio activity. Focus on your quads and hamstrings, and other parts of your body. Within time, your body will begin to add muscles.

Do Split or Total-Body Routines – You can get great results from your workout if you change it up. Try lower body routines one day, then do whole body training on the next. This way, you will isolate muscle groups with a routine.

Get Plenty Of Sleep – Not sleeping enough can cause many health problems. So aside from helping you gain muscles, it is also good for your health. Lack of sleep can stop hormone growth. And that is crucial when it comes to building muscles. Those who are well rested don’t need to nap or have the urge to do so. You need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep, perhaps even more if you can.

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